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Super Emission Technology Company Limited (Rayemit)

Super emission technology company limited established in 2009, This Company serves mainly in Optical Communication and Monitoring Systems. Several projects have been completed in various fields such as fiber optic sensors, signal processing, acoustic and vibration engineering, and industrial lasers.

Activities Borders Monitoring, a terrorist resistance approach. Pipelines' Health Monitoring, with an approach to defy terrorist actions and maintain energy safety. Tunnels, Bridges, and Structures Health Monitoring. Railroad Health Monitoring. Studying Landslide, Earthquakes, and other Geological phenomena using Fiber Optic Sensors. Products Marine Fiber Optic Cable Joint Accelerometer Data Logger Acoustic Signal Processor Software Acoustic Waves Scattering in Water Software Merits Strong technical power and background. Professional quality of services provided by a highly motivated team. Constant search for chances beyond the scope of business objectives. Unique and creative solutions meeting client's expectations, through exact realization of client's demands. Professional quality of services provided by a highly experienced and knowledgeable team. 24/7 availability. Company Structure The company is divided into 3 main sectors which are technological sector, marketing sector, and the supply chain sector. The technological sector consists of experts in numerous fields such as electronics, signal processing, mechanics and material, and system communications.

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